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  • EVALUATE: It’s isn’t always clear whether a particular site or property lends itself to the type of development a project requires. That’s where we come in. We can conduct a site assessment to let you understand the strengths an weaknesses of a property before you commit capital.


  • COMPETITIVE BID: Sometimes the client has already hired a design firm, has used someone in the past or has completed plans in hand. Competitive bidding is a huge part of our company. In an industry that has become saturated with contractors we separate ourselves from the pack. As a general contractor our role is to partner with YOU. We not only work to provide the most competitive price possible, we also coordinate all work through the design professionals of record. We even do our best to value engineer building materials or practices whenever possible to shave costs off the project.


  • PLANNING AND CONSULTING: We first sit down with the client to identify the project and determine the desired outcome. Our team will then offer complete planning and consulting services for a large variety of projects including new construction, existing office renovations, interior space planning, warehouse and loading dock improvements with complete architectural, structural and civil design services. We make it our business to take the headache out of planning, organizing and implementing changes to your business’s needs.
  • ACCUMULATE: Once the required design and approval process takes shape. We then take your newly designed project and collect multiple competitive bids for each individual trade. We find this to be the most cost effective way to put the clients mind at ease knowing that the project came in right on budget with qualified contractors.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Our team will assign your project to a skilled Project Manager who will put your newly designed project into effect. He/she will provide weekly job reports, accumulate project progress photos and collect the required paperwork from subcontractors and the construction department. At the end of your project you will be handed a complete binder which will detail the entirety of your project.


  • MANAGE: We act as a facilitator on behalf of the client. Directly overseeing the people, materials and equipment necessary to move your project forward efficiently as possible. We spearhead the project from conception to the ribbon cutting ceremony. We’ll manage every contract and every trade for you, driving maximum contract efficiency in your project. And we’ll control costs, ensure quality, and manage the schedule throughout every phase of your project.


  • B. Tait Builders finds it imperative to give back to the community. That is why we stay active in a variety of extracurricular activities for local children’s charities and sporting leagues. We find that staying active in the community and giving back are more important than the other services we mentioned above.


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